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CG Auxiliary Uniforms are worn anytime you are officially representing the Auxiliary or Coast Guard
see Auxiliary Manual Chapter 10 Section A (page 427)

After the Provisional Membership requirements & initial PSI Determination have been successfully completed, each member is responsible for purchasing their own uniforms.  The uniform that should be acquired include: Tropical Blue Long (TROP) & Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) with appropriate accessories.

See Aux Manual Ch 10 (page 425), New Member Reference Guide & Properly wearing CG Auxiliary Uniforms (PPT) for additional information.

Used Uniform items may be available from your Flotilla, Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Thrift Store or D8WR Used Uniform Exchange.

Operational Dress Uniform (ODU)

The ODU can be worn in most situation that do not require a specified uniform of the day.  Wearing metal devices or attachments are not authorized in operational situations.  The Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) can be ordered from the Uniform Distribution Center (UDC).  Be sure to review the Sizing Guide before placing an order.  ODU related Hot Weather Policy.

The Tucked version is authorized for CGAux wear until no longer serviceable (No Longer Serviceable means when stains, rips, threadbare surfaces, faded colors or similiar defects are visible).


Undress Blue - Summer (Bravo), Working Blue Long (Obsolete) & Working Blue Short (Obsolete)

CGAux uses four basic "Uniforms of the Day (UoD)" - Service Dress Blue (SDB), Tropical Blue Long (TROP), Winter Dress Blue (WDB) and Operational Dress Uniform (ODU).

Service Dress Blue (SDB)

Tropical Blue Long Uniform Tropical Blue Long

Winter Dress Blue Uniform Winter Dress Blue

Operational Dress Uniform (ODU)

Service Dress Blue (SDB)

Tropical Blue Long (TROP)

Winter Dress Blue (WDB)

Operational Dress (ODU)

Uniform Customs & Courtesy

Uniform Care

Ribbons & Medals

Uniform Regulations (COMDTINST M1020.6I)

Uniform Related Resources

Change-of-Watch (CoW) Uniforms

Uniform Distribution Center (UDC)

D5SR Online Store

Lighthouse Uniform Company

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Auxiliary Uniform Insignias

Auxiliary Collar Insignias

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Lifejackets Float, You Don't - Wear It, We Do!

Good Boating Practices & Tips

Boating Safety - Doing Your Part

Flotilla 23-1 & CG Auxiliary

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